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"It's pronounced 'Emmy,' like the awards."
-Probably me at Starbucks

Hi, I'm Emi Feldman! By day I'm a television producer at the New York Stock Exchange and by night, I'm a fashion blogger. For years, I've had a fascination with all things fashion, prep and classic-style, so when I found out I was going to be moving to NYC after I graduated from college in 2015, I knew immediately this was going to be interesting. No, not referring to the public transportation or the insane cost of living, but to the sea of "all black clothing" many people in Manhattan sport everyday. While that may be "classic NYC fashion," that's not how this girl has ever rolled.

After a few years of dreaming and planning, Preppy&Pink was born to prove not only can you wear a monogram and pearls in Manhattan, but you can look (and feel) fabulous too. I'll be highlighting everything that has me feeling inspired, colorful and feeling fabulous in the greatest city in the world.

Thanks for following along! Let's be friends :)

xoxo, Emi